Saturday, October 14, 2017

Les Baux de Provence♥~ Fall~Tarte Tatin~

Picture a blue sky:)Although I said the weather suited the Game Of Thrones feeling:)

Le foggy view as we arrived..

My favorite of the artist  Archimboldo  until Jan..a beautiful exhibition..
we should have stopped earlier..there was absolutely no parking anywhere to be found at the Carrières Des Lumières..and I was told that at night..spectacular.

This is a store..when I stepped in..♥

I bought my Painting Provence book above~

A Bed and Breakfast..I had no idea..look how pretty!

Above ,a lovely store for tea towels etc..
markets have many many also..and tablecloths..and aprons and runners etc..
Provence and linen..s♥

 A washroom..below..

Les Baux -de- Provence has been named one of the most beautiful villages in France and rightly so..honestly you feel like you are in a movie..that a village can be this beautiful is beyond one's wildest dreams.
It gets over 1.5 million visitors per yr .Only 22 residents in the upper part..436 in the whole commune.
It's gorgeous my friends..gorgeous.

Yet another chapter in our sweet trip..

I hope you don't's my online journal..look away or skip to the end for Dorie's delicious tarte tatin recipe.

It was drizzly the day we of the only drizzly days..
the morning was quiet and people started arriving and arriving..I could meander and take photos of shops and the area w/out people at one quickly changed..

Walking through this commune is out of this world.
The shops are set in stone..the views..the products..the people.. friendly..I have put some photos to give you an idea.

Desserts were often included in Jacques' Formules..mine.. a few..
he adores..tarte tatin and crème brulée..
I made both once we returned.

It had been yrs since a tarte tatin..I made Dorie Greenspan's  LOVELY.From her book Baking from my Home to Yours..I have 3 of her books and they are all keepers..I don't find all cookbooks keepers.;)

One thing about Jacques and I..I have baked so much in 44 yrs that he sometimes forgets I HAVE baked things that he

it kills me when he says:"Mmmm this is good..maybe you could make some?.."
IHAVE..bless his heart;)
It's fall can see the trees changing ad although it is bleak today you know they are there ready to shine and outsparkle everything when the sun will shine..

we went to one of Lucas' high school football games late's his first year and was told..don't expect to play in your first yr here..  so he uniforms up..goes to all the practices..and watches..
and I watched him♥
Isn't it funny how when someone you love is somewhere..that's really the only person you really SEE..there's an aura:)
A magnetism that cannot compare with even the best QB on the field lol.

L'amour,toujours l'amour~

Number 6♥

Monday, October 9, 2017


The cuteness♥ Petite Arlésienne~

Paper napkins as toppers..economical..easy to cut..and cute.

For a number of years Sam wrote posts about Maillane and St-Rémy..and I mentioned to Jacques that if EVER we went back to Provence..I would like to see those places..

IF EVER happened and we went.
I have Sam to thank for the inspiration and her darling Meakin.

Our home base for the week in Les Alpilles was St-Rémy..Maillane was so close:) 
We went..
The drive is pretty and the town so sweet..

We happened to be there during the Frédéric Mistral festival.
He was born there and his father was from St-Rémy~
Do have a read.. I learned a lot.A Nobel Prize Winner.

That is where the word mistral for provencal winds came from.
We had some mistral winds particularly in Gordes..where market day took on a whole new meaning w/ crates flying..people walking against the was in fact not dangerous..but humorous in parts.

So I have put a few Maillane photos..and I must tell you that we ate lunch twice there..and loved our meals..magret de canard etc..but especially the desserts..we were told it is because the desserts were works of a wonderful pastry chef.
So good!

The festival..gave us access to his home there..the gardens..and we had a delightful show by les 

danseuses provençales who ranged in age from little to ladies♥

Maillane..where everybody knows your name I think:)  Population ap 2400 in 2012.

A young woman was the tour guide for the festival..tour of his home..she could not have been more pleasant.
She would love to come to QC..
it was so nice to hear so many people tell us that that they would love to come to Canada,especially QC.And out west.
Because it was the were permitted..
Look at the atmosphere there:)♥
Melts your heart,

Things I bought in Provence..

mostly watercolor Ochres..powders to paint with..3 brushes..a couple of watercolor journals and a book on how to  paint Provence.

When I have gone to Europe..3 times now..I always remember the moments and the things we came home with..

Never costly things..but fun things.

So I did spend a few euros.
Again nothing very costly..
and I have Aix..the last amazing market..I found the antiques and etc..much more affordable than Isle -Sur-La-Sorgue..well for my pocket book..

ooohh..aah..a stack of gorgeous old plates/bowls..that off white w/ a touch of crackle w/ those old blue small flowers around..3 euros each..
those beautiful salt boxes..  you know the ones.. 13 euros..
a canister set..the kind we love..24 euros for 8 pieces I think..
well none of that came home w/ us..
we are limited w/ weight etc..

economy flying..

did I mention I used to get excited at an airplane meal?
No longer;)

I made Jacques' mom's ketchup this week..he loves it..
It smells like her home when I make it:)
You can find the recipe here~
A wonderful lady..that we saw at a few markets..makes all her own jams from all her own produce..she topped her jars w/ paper napkins..instead of fabric..=winner.♥

Happy TG Monday ..we had dinner at my daughter's last night ..Thank you Mylène!
Made Kim's brown bag apple pie..and the power went out:( It came back on several hours later..I stuck the pie back in..w/ out the bag..there was very little time worked!

PS notes re the is more like a sweet tomato fruit chutney..the spices are PICKLING SPICES..I don't blanch the fruits..before cutting now..only the tomatoes..I don't use a wax seal..I trun over the hot filled sterilized jars..let cool..turn upright..and refrigerate.I did not water bath this time..but am refrigerating .

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Come along with me~

We landed in Marseille(Marignane) airport Sept skies etc..rented a time we will do what we did in 2008..Achat-Rachat..

We spent ap. one week in The Alpilles area..

One week in the Lubéron area..

and one week in Les Alpes Maritimes area..

add on 2 days in bring us closer to the airport for our return.

We drove to our place to stay for the first week..

St-Rémy..which I love.I will get to it later:)I think I have too much to say about St-Rémy~♥

So many little time..GARDENS...catching up..with everything..

St-Rémy is loaded with plane trees..charm..a carousel♥ ..terraces to eat..shops..a market and super friendly wonderful people..there always seems to be an air of fete here..

We settled in..and as I mentioned Jacques had made lists of market days..
the first one we went to was in ..


It's a small town..cute as a button..w/ a small market..we bought un poulet rotisserie:) for dinner and a few other culinary delights like the best olives ever ..they are IN.. markets.

The town was so friendly..Jacques was filming..a gentleman came out of the Mairie and started talking to Jacques as friendly as can be..M.Le Maire..the mayor.
What's not to love about a town w/ bunting?♥

And look how they sold their plants there..I loved that!
I asked if I could take a photo and he said:"Avec le patron?":)
So cute!

So the whole trip if a person or shop or whatever was involved I ASKED to take a pic..twice I did not:(
I could have cried.

One was a pottery seller..a woman..the pottery was EVERYWHERE..I snapped a quick pic and she flipped:( 
She asked me to delete the pic..and I did..

the second was happy older accordeon player I spotted from far away..he looked so happy..NOT..

so I suggest you ask..

you will see Occitane pics on future posts..stores..etc..I asked..
I don't know how people take pics everywhere..:(

Market sellers are to be applauded..we saw many at many markets..the same people..the same things..

happy..hard working..

on Isle- Sur -La -Sorgue..we ate by the water..and for 3 hrs an older gentleman meticulously packed his van almost alphabetically..that means w/ great care.

So..I'll keep showing you bits and bobs of places we went to..

when we left here..

we drove to Maillane~♥Sam told me about Maillane.♥

It was the Frédéric Mistral festival..we went twice:) 
Maillane is small and quiet and oh so lovely...

It is fall here..starting..
things are parched dry..we had rain last night..but honestly..everything is so brown and not pretty..
Provence arde the same..we saw gardens that were sad..and smaller gardens that were happy..

But..the amber and gold and reds..are starting...

I love this collection..the 4 seasons of Brambly above..

I made mini rose muffins when we came home..and they were oh so pretty but oh so no recipe:)

The sunflowers I planted got eaten alive as soon as they sprouted..out front..

let nature do things♥
Out back..not planted by me.And yet they grew..

Fall busi..y..ness in the garden:)

So this is my know my posts will come more quickly as I go through my pics and document Provence~
I have only done this cute town..have so many more to go:)