Sunday, May 22, 2016


I am still under the spell of fresh greens and new pinks..
My tulips opened indoors much to my happiness.
So not all was lost.
The flowering almond continues to dazzle and attract the bees..
Our crabapples are going to EXPLODE this week...they are half bloomed!
The bleeding hearts are bleeding♥
The Forget- Me- Nots ..are unforgettable..
..the ferns continue to by day by day.

Our litle town is dotted in bubble gum so gorgeous..
The crabapples..huge bouquets  of them everywhere making everywhere you look a picture from a beautiful travel book.

This time of year..
we eat very simply..

that lovely pasta /tomato dish know we place a bowl in the sun w/ tomatoes and EVOO and garlic..and basil and kalamatas or capers..and let everything ,macerate all day.....then simply add cooked pasta and top w/ more basil and cheese♥

Or ..what I love to take some leftover rotisserie chicken and make what my mom made for me..

except differently..

she would use a can of cream of mushroom and a can of cream of was the thing in the 50's and early 60's..sometimes..asparagus..and add chicken and peas..

I do basically the same thing..  but no cans... sauté mushrooms and French shallots... some thyme..peas..some red or orange pepper and remove..add butter..and flour and broth..and some cream..

add the chicken..and spoon into and over and all around..

and there you have Chicken a la King:)

So easy on garden days.. I must have hard gardened 3 straight hours Friday..
By 5 PM..I was done.:)

Things change in a mere 16 years..!

Meanwhile..our Brocante opened the weekend  before last..but my first visit was this past  Saturday.
I will always love this place..I have been going for 40 years I guess..not quite sure..

So many vendors..aisles and aisles and barns full..! Barnfulls? Full barns?
I would need to spend a day uploading pics..but my visits give you an idea..une petite idée..of what it is like.
I bought nothing..was looking for an inkwell..they had many but not what I was looking for.

You can see how many temptations there are..

One lady has gorgeous linen pinafores..short.. to wear over things..another had at least 3 things I loved..cotton/linen..
very boho..♥

One gentleman breaks my heart..he is British..and has a very old car..his hands tremble..(I am very observant of these things..) and he  smokes a lot..he has beautiful items..this week in particular..he had Toby mugs..quite a selection..someone bought 3..I asked him for an inkwell  ..he didn't have..I bought that tea strainer/sifter from him last year..his accent is charming..but there are so many stories in his eyes..I am hoping he has a family that cares..and that he is not alone in the world..
If he was to read this he would probably think I was nuts..
he's probably happy...healthy and wealthy:) 
We get feelings though don't we?

And  last but not least my little "artistes",Max..was out plein air painting at his home♥..his home:)  and Oli ..sitting on the porch:)..

I picked up the box on Varage glad they use it.


I loved Saturday..first green tea and Riviera yogurt,a muffin..then the brocante..then,we all went for dinner at Mylène and Alain's and Noah's and Giuliana and Adamo's...too much food..(as if someone was forcing me.;) )..a fire at dusk..with Alain playing guitar..singing..Giu also.. our girls..and Adamo with us..just relaxing and toasting marshmallows..
The full moon..all 4 Littles running into Noahs' room coming out in Noah's pyjamas..:)
Hard to explain perfection.
Grateful♥For yesterday.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Soooo Good! And Sooo Bad~Happy looong weekend to all!

Coffee Almond Crunch Cake~

Sooo Good~
I cannot believe it's been around since at least 2008~This recipe I mean~

Oh Yum.

By the time I got it out of the oven..and it was cool enough to dust and decorate with wild violets..the clouds had come in..thunder clapped..the skies were black and it started to pour.
Overexposed from ..well from my fault.

So please forgive the pics of an aboslutely delicious cake..
It's  a Gordon Ramsay cake and believe is addictive..super easy to should enjoy coffee because you certainly can taste it..served warmish ..wowsers.
Really..try it and tell me:)
I popped half over to our daughter across the street and she printed up the recipe right away..that's how good it is..super moist meets super crunch.
I made mine in a 9 inch sprigform and had to bake a tad longer.

Sooo bad~
My tulips on the other hand are not a raging success:(
Only about 6 Parrots developed buds..and the stinking squirrels bit the heads as I walked that area..all I saw were the tops w/ stems chopped was nibbled on..the rest not.I guess the glutton decided it was not in his top 5 food choices and left the rest to rot there.
That's why I have those squirrels..they do have cute faces..but I know their nature.Hoodlums.
So I gathered the tips and some FMNs and wrapped them..
I didn't wait all winter to throw them I played with them..and now they are in a vase on my windowsill and I hope they will open.
Hope I didn't offend all the squirrel lovers.

Went to a fave garden centre for certain things..been going for over 35 years I am certain..I have a couple of favorite nurseries..only one is far..Jasmine..the others are perfectly doable for me..who stopped driving far..a few years back.

The owners and staff are so friendly,helpful and knowledgeable.
I picked up some herbs..a mature Cobea Scandens,a mature Morning Glory..some Lantana..Pansies..and that trailing blue plant I love...Scaevola Blue Lagoon.
Still need impatines..oh and I got a big rhubarb plant..I changed mine of place and we cannot find it..I have surmised it hated the move.
So an orphan came home with me.

And quite a few others today~

Have a beautiful weekend~:)
It's a long one here ..

Monday, May 16, 2016

Petal power~♥

My Serviceberry (amélanchier)..was in top form this past weekend..the peak of it's beauty.I love that tree..Lucas' age.
It looks like a big fluffy white cotton candy ball on a trunk.
It lasts for a breath..but it's a breath I crave..every Spring.

The sun came out Saturday and I had a chance to investigate and see what happened over the winter..seems our grass has been taken over by Creeping Charlie..Lamb's Ears..Forget Me Nots and Ajuga..oyoyoy..anyways once mowed it all looked better..

 I did weed.. but they come back faster than I can annihilate them:(
Jacques did mow and I was ooh lalaing again instead of oyoyoying:)

Lots of pretty muscari and blue hues here and there.
Pretty pinks in another favorite flowering almond..packed with buds this year!! The whole tree!
Like miniature fairy roses all over it.

I baked a little apple pie..celebrating petals and blooms.
It's as if nature is truly having a coming out party:)
A debutante ball.

The pie is basic..your fave crust..I love Ricardo's..I took 2 apples, a tbsp of flour..cinnamon,cardamom..a dot of butter..
Baked till the under was done..I like that small heart glass dish because it's small,it's clear  and I see under..

I am sure the neighbors think I have a problem..I can walk around many times in a day and click click click..because in the span of just a few hours..things have grown:)
I am telling the truth.Watch f you have interest in seeing what happens to a garden in Spring.
Late Saturday turned to ugly..and ugly lingered into Sunday..threats of frost and the baskets we do have came sicklings..not seedlings..sicklings this year..came in..and the geraniums..the basil ,the potted cherry tomato plant..thing is..we are so anxious here in QC..we tempt fate..and start everything too darn early.
Oh well....

The boys..literally crack me up..Lucas and Oli were over on Thursday..Oli asked if I could put tattoos on him..Me? Of course..I just happen to have the Star Wars ones here..where do you want them..and he showed me his cheeks and forehead..
But mommy could not get them off for school the next day..nor for dinner out at Mamie's the when Max and Oli went out for dinner..(Lucas was at a sleepover)..Oli went just the way he was:)♥
Oh to be 6 again and not give a dang about anything..

Imagine..if you had temp tattoos on your face..who would notice the imperfections?
I have a rubber stamp I use on my family's simply says:
Because I do.
Have a great week!

BTW..mommy never tells nana don't do the tattoos..she is very easygoing.'s 9.35 AM May 16th..and it's snowing:(

May snow..:) Added the serviceberry and almond branches so you can see the profusion of blessed blooms!

Friday, May 13, 2016

Rose Bonbon~

The week leading up to Mother's Day..Jacques had an appointment very close to our Costco..
I had been saying..:"they should have kept their tulips under $10.00"..
That mind set of $9.99 and they would sell they used to be..
they are $11.99 now..and I have not bought one bunch yet..since..

but Jacques did that day..there are 2 bunches in the package..and they are quite spectacular for tulips that are not French or Parrot:)

I have a big vase a big goldfish vase..and they love it in there♥
I had a big one..and it slipped out of my hands a couple of months the workshop..(cement floor)..shattered..I was quite taken aback by the fact that my fave vase was no more..
then I found another..but huge..r..

these double pack tulips love it.
I look..ed at them so many times every day:)

So so pretty in pink.

And I saw Isabelle's post about the PERFECT chocolate chip cookies..

I HAVE 10 Perfects..:)

But we had guests..Littles..and I thought : "try hers.."
and maybe they are not THE BEST..But they are in that top 10 THE I guess they are  part of THE BEST:)

I ♥ them..and so easy and delicious..
and I love them more the next day!

For 2 dozen cookies,courtesy of Isabelle@Les Gourmandises d'Isa~

1/2 cup unsalted butter,room temp..(I use salted)
1/2 packed brown sugar
6 tbsps sugar
1 large egg

1 tsp vanilla extract (I use paste)
1 1/2 cup flour
1 tsp baking soda
1/2 tsp salt 
2 1/4 cup choco chips.

Pre-heat oven to 350
In your KA mixer w/ the whisk attachment beat butter and sugars 2 minutes
Add egg and vanilla and beat at low speed until homogenous
Change to the large beater and incorporate the flour,bs and salt that you have sifted before,and the choco chips.
Using a tbsp make  dough balls about the size of a large nut..I used my scoop.
Place on your baking sheet (I use Silpat) and leave 2 inches between.
Bake 13-15 minutes until the egdges are lightly golden.
Remove and let cool for 5 minutes before placing on a cooling rack

~ Spring is finally surfacing w/greenery...slowly.. but surely..and the trilliums are just beautiful this time of year..Pulmonaria ,aka ..lungwort(what a name)..ferns..scillas,vinca,forget-me-nots,magnolias,peonies ..all really is a pretty pretty time of the year!
The porch ferns are bought and hung..another basket..some one point it should all come together..I'll be acclimatizing plants I seeded get comfy enough for the big move..
..chaque chose en son temps~

Bon weekend~